Philip Hunt
Managing Partner

A few words from Philip

It was an easy decision to join WalKeys, being a lover of animals, especially dogs. There is a tremendous satisfaction to be gained from seeing a group of dogs having fun together, especially the ones that have been rescued.

To instil a discipline in dogs is not only vital for their safety, but it gives a framework to their lives as they no longer have to be Alpha dog.

I also enjoy seeing our clients and letting them know about what progress has been made and sometimes what their little darlings have been up to.

I have a calm nature with hopefully a sense of humour. I try to ensure that nothing is too much trouble and I am also willing to go that extra mile to help people and their dogs. I do not hurry my walks, so more often than not I am out with the dogs for much longer than an hour. This is probably why I am given the largest, most energetic dogs to walk. For those with a flexible return time, dogs can be collected from me at the Perch and Pike Public House across the road from the Vicarage, where vital "pub and crisp training" is undertaken.

I spend most of my time looking after the day care dogs, especially those that are delivered at 6am, but it is good to know that at the end of that day the dogs have had more fun than the owners.

As well as walking dogs from Caversham, Gallows Tree Common, Sonning Common, Peppard, Stoke Row and surrounding areas, I am more than happy to travel distances, basically all requests being accommodated. These locations also ensure variety, with river and shady walks when hot, open spaces for dogs that like to run and new walks affording fresh experiences.