Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt
Managing Director and Dog Behaviourist - BCCSDip.AdvCanBhv

Helen has always had a lot of pets. From Birth, she was brought up with a German Shepherd Puppy called Simon and as she grew, despite having dogs, cats, guinea pigs amongst many other furry friends, she also rescued injured snails, snakes and frogs.

Helen is a country girl, living in The Old Vicarage in South Stoke, with Philip, the Phipps family, Fudge and three cats.

Helen continually to update her knowledge, and studies the latest research and development on dog behaviour. 

You can feel confidant that her expertise with dog psychology, how food and hormones can influence a dogs mood as well as how human interaction with our most loyal friends can influence, what we see as bad behaviour and help dogs and owners to establish an excellent, calm and happy relationship with owners and their families. Take a look at her website: www.top-dog-behaviourist.co.uk

 I have worked with one of the best dog behaviourists in the UK and have achieved Level 4 Advanced Canine Behavour Diploma.