Helen Bartlett
Area Supervisor

A few words from Helen

I grew up on a working sheep and cattle farm in Canterbury, New Zealand. We had 6 sheep dogs, 3 Cats and 4 ponies. My favourite dog was called Buck, a Hunter-way sheep dog. Buck was very gentle and would always be with me, especially when l helped Dad get the sheep in. 
We would often have to sit and wait for Dad and Buck used to just sit and lean on my shoulder or just lie across my legs. Bell, a heading dog was very loving and always in the garden. (Our dogs were not allowed in the garden) Moggy, the cat would chase her out. Moggy was a little grey wild cat that we found.
My Brother had a dog called Mavis who was a sheep dog and was a wonderful dog. She loved playing games and always getting into trouble. She had lots of puppies.

I Came over to England many years ago and worked as a Nanny. Many of the families had dogs too, so my life has been around animals, especially dogs.

I now live in Ashampstead with my Husband and two Children, a Labrador called Tui and two guniea pigs. 

I love it here, especially working as partner with Walkeys. We are a great team and I have some wonderful walks very close by.

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