Home Pet Sitting

WalKeys home pet sitting services covering Didcot, Wallingford, Pangbourne and surrounding villages. Giving you the security of knowing that your pets and home are being cared for respectfully, securely and your privacy respected at all times.  Your pets are looked after exactly as you would wish.  Customer email addresses are given for you to obtain independent reviews of the services we give. Proving that our standards of pet care is extremely high. 

We offer a Pet Sitting Service in your home which bring less stress and changes in your pets daily routine.  If required we can supervise them for 24 hours a day.

Your pets will have no disruption to their daily lives, thus alleviating signs of stress or abandonment. We offer dogs 3 walks a day as well as the love and affection that you would give them.

Our Advanced Animal First Aid  training and our experience in administering medication, caring for older dogs and young puppies, means that you can go on holiday without any worries about your home or your pets. Feeding, sleeping and play times remain the same and all special needs are catered for.

If you would like us to stay for the duration you are away,  we require is somewhere to sleep, a bathroom and somewhere to cook. Food and transport are our responsibility and any closed doors will remain closed throughout. 

We offer Pet Boarding but only for clients that we know and dogs that are already our friends.

The longer the stay the more discount we offer.

Pet visits
Dogs per day
Dog per night
Other pets (cats, rabbits etc) per 24 hours

email: helen@walkeys.co.uk

Tel: 07900 094837