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Experienced and qualified dog behaviourist helping dogs and owners to live in harmony with each other.

Helen Hunt - BCCSDip.ADVCANBhv

Helen is based in South Stoke, Berkshire, on the border of Oxfordshire, so logistically positioned to cover a large area of Southern England.

Helen has lived with animals since the day she was born. She grew up with a German Shepherd Puppy called Simon and as each dog grew older,  a new puppy or dog was introduced, so the family was never without the companionship of a dog. As well as dogs, there were cats, rabbits, mice, tortoise and a collection of many rescued snakes, birds and even snails, rescued from the snare of a birds beak. An animal graveyard at the bottom of the garden bare witness to Helen's obsession.

Helen was never without a German Shepherd Dog and at 67 years old, including her first dog Simon, has owned and trained 5 more. Her best experience was in her 30's, when despite having husband, two daughters and an already lovely, little, rescue dog as well as 2 cats, she invested in a German Shepherd puppy which she called Arnold. Helen and Arnold went on to be trained by an ex-police dog trainer and became quite a team. Needless to say Arnold grew up to be an amazing dog, who could be taken anywhere, both Helen and Arnold, were comfortable in all places and in all situations.

Not contented to stop there, Helen went on to learn everything there was to know about dogs. She passed her behaviour accreditation and read every book available. Despite now obtaining her Advanced Dog Behaviour Diploma, she continues her reading, updating her knowledge with every scientific revelation discovered.

Helen points out that the knowledge one is able to obtain about dogs is a continues learn through research, scientifically and experimentally, which has resulted in a greater understanding of a dogs needs and how a dogs brain works. With enough knowledge we can now speak to and understand what dogs are saying to us as well as to one another. We can obtain the knowledge a dogs needs and not just concentrate on what we need from our dogs but what dogs needs from us.

We now know that it is a huge mistake to humanise a dog, after all why on earth would a dog wish to be a human being with all the responsibilities, worries, guilt, forward planning and the anxieties which we encounter throughout our lives. By treating a dog as a human, we are giving them responsibilities, which is a major factor in our dogs unacceptable behaviour.

Helen's many years of experience, qualifications and practical skills together with her continuing studies makes her the ideal person to deal with any issues your dog may have.

You can be assured of a professional and calm approach, helping you to resolve the concerns you may have. Through working together with Helen and your dog, with the approach to solving dog behaviour problems, with an emphasis on positive leadership and reward dog training techniques, free from harsh and unethical methods, Helen's role is to reassure you, give you confidence and provide the tools for you to restore balance to your home. Helen also offers on-going support for the problems that are addressed. Her role as a dog behaviourist is one to one consultations helping people and their dogs to live together in harmony.

Rather than place a list of customer comments to reassure you of Helen's capabilities, she prefers to give you a list of customer email addresses so you can choose who to contact. By doing this you are able to obtain an unbiased opinion as to the service she provides. The email addresses provided are from customers that have given her permission to pass this on to you.

Contact Helen at helen@top-dog-behavourist.co.uk

Tel:  07847 890287

Address: The Old Vicarage, The Street, South Stoke, Berkshire. RG8 0JS

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